Nu'Kyoabe Culture

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Nu'Kyoabe Culture

Postby Alan » Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:00 pm

    The Nu’Kyoabe don’t exactly have a reigning class system, rather they all have generally three professions: metal-crafting, mining, or soldiery. Miners extract the metal from the various dig sites they have around the mountains, while the metal-crafters mold this material into weapons, armor, tools, sometimes even buildings.

    Nu'Kyoabe culture also requires all men to be trained for combat, and it is a non-negotiable deal. Much like Spartan culture, the men do all the fighting, and trade is relied upon to acquire grown agricultural food.

Extracting metals:

    When there is a viable place to dig, the troupe is accompanied by two or three Crawlers and a Nu’Kyo Battlemaster. The procedure for extracting metals involves the workers drilling into the rock until a certain depth is attained. Depth calculation is different per rock sample. The drilled hole will stop about ten to twenty inches off the metal wall that was detected. A device is then inserted into this crevice that melts the rock up until the twenty inches. With this procedure, it really only takes four or five miners to extract metals by breaking off the remaining rock to get to the metal. They load them into carts to be brought back to their city. The device, lovingly called the Rockmelter, is not standard issue, and probably only used by the most lucrative of mining operations, since the technology does not come cheap. Other cities use the traditional pickaxes and explosives.

    The metal gathered from the dig is then refined individually by machines in the central cave of the city complex, and are then dumped into a chamber used by crafters as a bank of metals. Additionally, if the Nu'Kyo isn't as technologically advanced enough to use machines yet, another set of miners can refine them instead. Crafters take metals from these banks by buying them to provide funding for future mining endeavors.


    As mentioned before, rank in Nu’Kyoabe culture is determined by hair color. These are the ranks.

    Red: Mayor. It is usually a symbol for the blood they have spilled in combat.

    White: Battlemaster. They are the high-ranking soldiers of the Nu’Kyo. They have a general lust for bloodshed and will always look for the physical way to deal with things. It is among their ranks that the Mayor will be chosen, dyeing his hair red from white to signify blood spilled.

    Green: Militia. These are the common soldiery. It is usual that the sons of veterans are to become Militia, and are therefore sent straightaway into military school. It is also common for any son, even if born from a crafter or a miner, to be drafted into military service.

    Blue: Metalworkers. Take note that all of the crafters in Nu’Kyoabe culture are female, as all the men are expected to go into the military. Despite this, the females have shown incredible talent in shaping metals, to the point of it becoming an art form. This is basically the “household” job for the women, but it doesn’t make it any less important, as all of their armor and weapons come from them.

    Yellow: Miner. This is the color for miners due to its brightness, which would make them easier to spot in the case of a cave-in. Miners in Nu’Kyoabe culture are male, and they are usually considered to still be in training, meaning they are usually adolescent to early adults. Since all males are expected to serve in the military, this is already considered training for them. Nevertheless, retired Battlemasters also become miners after their service, usually at the age of seventy (Nu’Kyoabe age slower than humans, so seventy is only equivalent to about forty human years)

Nu’kyo Armaments:

    1. Crawlers

      Crawlers are spider mechs that literally “crawl” through cave openings, providing maximum mobility. Their bodies are made of the same metal as that of the Battlesuits, making them extremely defensible but still incredibly light. Because of their design, they are mostly restricted to excavations and cave travel. They are armed with large blades that maximize their range in small tunnels, making them very formidable enemies in enclosed spaces.

    2. Battlesuits

      The Nu’kyo Vanquisher armor is the standard issue suit of the Battlemasters, hardened warriors that carry axes or swords charged with a high electric current. These suits go everywhere, whether above or below the surface. They can be fitted with flashlights and grenade canisters, along with a wide variety of smaller blades. Escort Battlemasters in mining expeditions are armed with night vision eyepieces and flashlights in case of emergencies, as well as flashbangs for other cave monsters sensitive to
      light, along with their regular electro-axes and swords.

    3. Bonecrusher

      This armor’s colorful name is anointed to the ones Mayors wear to signify their strength and status. They are the heaviest of armors, and are fitted with spiked knuckles, thus causing it to be called Bonecrusher. They are coated with an electric shield that shocks melee attackers and at the same time could be used to be discharged when the wearer grabs a victim. It also serves as a ward for magic, providing added support to the wearers. In addition to the armor, each Mayor also has an artifact, usually crafted a long time ago to the first Mayor of the city. These include axes made of the rarest of metals, capable of cleaving almost any foe in two, and leaving quite a deep gash on the rest. Some Mayors wield two greatswords, or simply opt to use their fists in combat.

    4. Gauntlets

      Nu’Kyoabe Gauntlets are probably the most feared weapons in open area warfare. They are modified, bigger versions of the Crawlers specifically built for the surface. They are armed with huge artillery cannons that can fire at a range of about fifty to seventy feet in any direction, due to a rotating platform. Their size amount to at least ten to twenty feet wide, and thirty feet long, requiring a crew of ten to operate. They have the capabilities of decimated entire platoons, but are immensely hard to transport, and will slow down any troop accompanying it, as it lacks any other defenses. As long as no one touches the Gauntlets, victory will be assured.
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Re: Nu'Kyoabe Culture

Postby Hureciel » Mon Feb 25, 2013 10:01 am

I think that among the 4 races, the Nu'Kyoabe are the ones with the least population and population density, since their scope of reign is actually quite big. I think this should allow for some easy profession-shifting.

How will you go about that?
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